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Adrian Fear


Huron River Lactation

A Brief History 

Huron River Lactation was conceived in 2018, a dream that took shape after Adrian successfully completed her board exams. Nestled along the banks of the Huron River with her family, Adrian draws inspiration from the rivers dynamic nature – she runs alongside it daily, while her children enjoy canoeing on its waters throughout the summer. The ebb and flow of the river parallels the evolving nature of breastfeeding relationships, never static and continually in a state of growth.

Having amassed years of experience in human lactation, Adrian made the decision to embark on an independent venture, allowing her the flexibility to tailor client care to individual needs. This autonomy has not only granted her the ability to provide personalized attention but has also facilitated the continuous growth and evolution of her practices, mirroring the dynamic nature of the Huron River that she loves so much. 

Adrian Fear



As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I empathize deeply with the challenges in seeking breastfeeding support, stemming from my own journey after the birth of my first son. This experience not only resolved our breastfeeding issues but redirected my career towards lactation consulting. Affiliated with La Leche League, I offer dedicated guidance, professionalism, and expertise, supporting individuals with evidence-based information on their breastfeeding journeys.

In my personal life, I am able to integrate professional insights with my role as a mother of five, drawing from rich experiences to foster connection and empathy with the families I assist. The discipline from my passion for ultra marathon running mirrors the resilience needed in supporting breastfeeding journeys. My multifaceted approach, balancing roles as a lactation consultant, mother, and ultra marathon runner, provides my clients and families with a holistic and empowering perspective, as we navigate the intricacies of breasfeeding with unwavering dedication.

Amanda Ray

Lactation Consultant


I am thrilled to be joining the world of lactation as a newly certified  IBCLC. I've always loved working with people and helping them in any way I can. I know it can be overwhelming with a new baby at home and I'm here to make the transition as easy as possible for your family.

I've worked as a medical assistant for the past 4 years which has provided me with broad knowledge of patient care and making my patients feel at ease even when they aren't feeling the best. I am caring, compassionate and dedicated to ensuring my patients are satisfied has always been important to me. 

I'm hoping to bring lactation support throughout the entire journey from birth to weaning, and will be along for the ride whenever needed. I'm always researching new techniques and learning anything I can lactation related and look forward to fostering healthy relationships for years to come.

Personalized support for all of your changing needs

We are here for you

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